Grief Support

Family Grief Support Groups at Mercy Hospital

Children Grief Support Groups: 

How does the group work?

  • reading books aloud
  • drawing and coloring
  • video
  • games & activities

Why enroll your child?

Children are often the "forgotten ones" in the death of a loved one.  Children do grieve, yet they grieve differently than adults.   They also need support from others to hear their pain, answer their questions and provide assurance.

Family members are the best loving support for children.  However, at a time of grief, family members are often consumed by their own grief and feel less able to attend to their grieving child's needs.

Children understand and cope with death differently at different ages.  This program is designed to meet the grief needs of children at their particular developmental stage.  

How do I enroll my child?  

Children Support Groups are offered at Mercy Hospital for children  ages 6-12 years and last for six weeks while teen groups are for ages 13-18 and last for 8 weeks.  The two youth programs are offered 3 times a year, beginning in September, January and March.There is no charge for the groups.

Call the department of Social Services/Pastoral Care at  763-236-8050763-236-8050 to request an application.  The groups are Coordinated by the Social Services/Pastoral Care Department and led by professionals and/or trained volunteers.

Mercy Hospital
4050 Coon Rapids Blvd., Coon Rapids, MN 55443

Adult Grief Support Groups:

  • Are you over 18 and dealing with the death of someone you love?
  • Do you find at times you are angry, depressed, guilty, lonely, bitter, undecided, overwhelmed?
  • Are you confused about your feelings?

These are all common experiences for persons in the process of grief.  If you would like to share with others who have had similar losses and can identify with those feelings, this program may help you.

How Does it Work?

Small group discussion centering on feelings, thoughts and experiences.

This Program Includes Separate Subgroups For:

  • Death of a spouse        
  • Death of a child
  • Death of a parent
  • Death by suicide

When Does the Group Meet?

The groups meet every Monday evening at Mercy Hospital from 7 to 9 p.m. This program has been meeting weekly since 1979.  It is a coordinated effort of the Social Services/Pastoral Care Department and is led by both professionals and trained volunteers.

There is no charge for the groups. Call  763-236-8050 for more information.

Mercy Hospital
4050 Coon Rapids Blvd. Coon Rapids, MN 55433