Veteran Burial Benefits

When can Military Honors take place?                                  

The Memorial Rifle Squad provides honors with Taps daily between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There are no services scheduled on Saturdays, Sundays, or any federal holidays.

What to expect upon your arrival

You will be met by a representative of the cemetery who will provide burial documents.  The representative will lead your procession to the appropriate committal shelter for you service.

Veteran Burial Benefits

Burial benefits for a Veteran include the following: grave site in a national cemetery, opening and closing of the grave, perpetual care, a Government headstone or marker, burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate, at no cost to the family.

Spouse or Dependent Burial Benefits

Burial benefits for a spouse or a dependent include the following: burial with the Veteran, perpetual care, and the spouse or dependents name and date of birth and death inscribed on the Veteran's headstone, at no cost to the family.  Eligible spouses and dependents may be buried even if they predecease the Veteran. 

What if you choose to be cremated?

Cremated remains are buried or inurned in national cemeteries in the same manner and with the same honors as casketed remains. Cremated remains are buried in the ground in specially designated sections of the cemetery or in above ground columbaria.

How to prepare in advance

You should inform your family of your wishes to be buried in a national cemetery and let them know where you keep your discharge papers. Discharge papers are important in establishing your eligibility.